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Art by Julien Carreyn. Out on November 9, Lotus Awnings 3. Flying Floor For U. Airways 5. Which Swarms Around It 7. Fifty Four To Madrid 8. French Lick 9. Was The Singing Bellowing The Driver Stops Fashion Of Echo Bell Underpinnings. New York-based artist Eli Keszler is at the apex of his career.

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The constant blurry motion and ever-changing landscapes of the fast-paced island helped him modify and shape his sound into a new kind of film noir. We looked at each other at the same time and had the same thought. It could have gone any number of ways. Keszler is often mistaken for an electronic musician, but in fact his sounds are raw and natural, produced by hand live in-situ. His performance with the drumset and acoustic percussion are central to his work. He produces almost impossible textures through self-realized methodologies: cascading melodies, a shadow of voices, and a unique pointillistic materiality.

Although playing with the intensity of digitally-created music, his communications are done live with no processing. He then builds on these environments to create subliminal spaces for his percussion, keyboards and acoustic instruments. They are landscapes scaled for the singular. Like a mass collecting in one arena, this music compresses city spaces, genre and instrumentalism into an amorphous form.

On the record, there are ruptures of information and happenstance.

  • Children of Orion: Book II - The Time Weaver;
  • C'est passé à l'antenne AUJOURD'HUI.
  • C’est quoi ce son ? | Radio Grenouille.

Like a game, it could go any number of ways. Glassmastered CD in silkscreened jewelcase.

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Out on October 12, Include download code First pressing of copies He references storms, thunder, crashing and falling objects, and distant radio transmissions in his electronic sounds, as well as dragging a contact mic across his equipment. Despite the abstract nature of the material, a sense of loss or mourning sometimes emerges from the music. The music focuses on the sounds of raw electricity through creatively abused electronics, composing with analogue micro-sounds, and the creation of three-dimensional sound fields.

Ankersmit also dedicates the work to his father Thijl Ankersmit , who first demonstrated feedback to him. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker and pressed on g vinyl housed in reverse-board outer and inner sleeve. Photographies du soir consists of a series of images taken by Julien Carreyn between and It is often surprising.

In the case of the author of Photographies du soir, we are surprised and almost immediately enchanted by the disorderly voyage he proposes: by way of Matisse and therefore his paradise, Bonnard and Corot, but also the vampire films of Jean Rollin on the banks of the Loire and Les Noces rouges by Chabrol; the pastel interiors by Marc-Camille Chaimowicz and the indecipherable though highly erotic photographs by the painter David Salle.

Each image of this book, as modest as it may be, contains a little of all that. As much as they individually cultivate a certain sulky and lascivious monotony, involving the same portraits of well-bred heroines, with ankle-length pants and sweaters pulled up to conceal cleavage; the same Day in the Country on the banks of the river, dormitories with unmade beds, deserted shopfronts on provincial main streets and declining summer evenings; they carry within them, collectively, this cultural density, this consistency.

And by putting image on page, that we give body to this occult matrix.

On est souvent surpris. Chaque image de ce livre aussi modeste soit elle, contient un peu de tout cela. Et la mise en page qui densifie ce maillage occulte. Struggle Artist is the new album from Justin C. Meyers, the Minneapolis-based composer, artist, and head of the Sympathy Ltd. Meyers is a unique, underappreciated talent in contemporary electronic music.

His greatest strengths are twofold: his compositions have a meticulous structural logic, revealing a hermetic and austere formalism; concurrently, his compositions have a deep, introspective narrativity grounded in his lived experience, evoked with a mature clarity. Together, they make Meyers one of the most interesting electronic musicians working with cutting-edge sonics today, unlocking their latent powers of metaphor and figuration. Its careful, anechoic meditations on the failing body are a resounding achievement, and the album remains a high watermark of acousmatic music in the 21st century.

Created initially during lunch breaks and in hospital waiting rooms, and finished after being laid off from his job, it catalogues the despondency of the precarious life. If Negative Space was about the fallible body, Struggle Artist is its violent collision with late capitalism. On Struggle Artist, he sets up scenarios that anticipate some musical event or flourish, only to renege on them with stark about-faces or resolutions into dissonance.


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These rhetorical figures reproduce the difficulty of maintaining artistic integrity and motivation while working a day job and dealing with chronic illness. The impression is not entirely bleak. This guarded, dark humour is alluded to in his sleeve art and track titles. It laments the incompatibility of neoliberalism and non-commercial artistic practice, increasingly accessible only to the inherited rich. For the rest of us, second jobs are the only option, which in theory liberates us from the pressure to commoditise our art, but in reality leaves us exhausted and broken.

Struggle Artist is a refreshingly honest and transfixing metanarrative on how we interiorise the conditions of making art.


Comes with a cm leporello reproducing the original cm wall drawing. First pressing of copies on clear purple vinyl available. Cactus with Vent A2. Hot Tub A3.

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Large Suess Plant A4. Tombstones A5. Brick with Modern Form B. Alfred Hitchcock Haze B2. Rock House with Door B3. String of Objects with Planter B4. Nub with Three Wraps of Fabric B5. Fingers of Thought. Thoughts of a Dot as it Travels a Surface is the title of an album derived from a series of wall drawings begun in by multi-disciplinary Paris-based artist Zin Taylor. Drawn in simple black-and-white, the large-scale pieces depict linear landscapes populated with rough-hewn objects: potted cacti, sculptural boulders, steaming stone baths. Upon completion of a particularly ambitious meter panoramic wall drawing, experimental composers Christina Vantzou and John Also Bennett were invited to interpret the work as a musical graphic score.

The result was a forty minute live performance in two parts, which was multi-track recorded and then mixed down into a track album. Each piece and title corresponds to a specific section or object in the wall drawing. Vantzou, though based in Brussels, is best known for a string of enigmatic solo recordings for the American ambient imprint Kranky, while Bennett has explored electronic sound design in a variety of capacities, including as one third of Brooklyn synthesizer outfit Forma.

The results are appropriately minimal, malleable, and mysterious. More so than in past projects, here Vantzou and Bennett mask their presence, allowing textures and tonalities to tangle or unspool with minimal intrusion. The effect is naturalistic, impersonal, and intriguing. Clear purple vinyl housed in reverse board-printed inners and double-width spine jacket. Comes with a CM.