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Depending on the campaign, you replace hold person. Suggestion is usually enough, though sometimes you want finer control. Greater Restoration: A high cost, and a little niche, but many of the things it cures can be the same as death. Mass Cure Wounds: A nice upgrade from cure wounds. So you can stealth cast it. Dream: While niche, the range on this spell can let you eventually kill someone from safety. Just be careful as higher level creatures can easily endure the 5d10 damage. Seeming Teleportation Circle : Really expensive to make your own.

But could be very useful.

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Remember this when you get wish. And it last 24 hours, meaning you can cast it again. But overall, hypnotic pattern or hold monster will do better at lower levels. True Seeing: Auto-win on several checks without concentration. Guards and Wards: A really fun spell. Programmed Illusion: This is more of an upgrade to magic mouth then the illusions. Forcecage: No save, no concentration, no consumed components, capture. The bar version gives you plenty of time to kill it anything that you have more range against.

Consider simply piling rocks on top. Reg enerate: A large amount of out-of-combat healing. Also very strong in combat as anyone knocked unconscious will start of their turn, making them invulnerable unless your DM stops to attack them. Teleport: Get you and your party out of any dangerous situation. Still, casting teleport for days in a row can still be quicker than walking. Resurrection: Raise dead is usually enough. But who knows what else you can bring back. This is mostly for show.

Suggestion can usually do enough at a much lower level. Glibness: Most of the time you are better off with expertise in bluff. But there are certainly creative uses for this.

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Foresight: A strong, versatile, day long, non-concentration buff for one your attackers. Also how much you can abuse turning creatures into objects. Like if you can turn a gnat into a sun, or a castle into a gnat. Power Word Heal A living ally is a valuable thing. Power Word Kill: No save single target damage. Mostly you should use these spells to fill in a gap of the party.

Conversely, if you have an evoker and sorcerer, you probably want more support. Note the lore bards 2 extra do not count against the known spells.

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This does come at a high slot cost, but it really opens up your options. However, it has interesting interactions with concentration checks. So it could definitely be a trap without good Con saves. Eldritch Blast : The best damage option for lore bards. Magic Stones : For the ranged valor bard, this allows you to use Charisma with a sling. It can eat up your bonus actions though, so it takes a bit of juggling. Remember you can use bonus actions between attacks. For instance, if you have 3 magic stones and multi-attack. Next turn, you can make 1 attack, then magic stone, then the other attack.

Leaving your bonus action open for the third round. Bards have plenty of Wisdom targeting control spells, but some creatures have high Wisdom. So having a few alternatives is good. Good for valor bards. The latter ones even add some damage. Bones of the Earth level 6 : A non-concentration multi-target restrain with a Dexterity Save, if you have a ceiling. Magic Jar level 6 : Repeatable save-or-dominate. Consider being a gnome, getting deathward, and having a cleric as backup.

Summons can take advantage of your disables. Animate Dead level 3 : No concentration. Give them a bow and these can add a lot of damage over the course of a day if you can manage to keep them alive. You can turn your party into flying whales. Bards lack damage, and dead is a better disable than others. Though only if you do enough to kill something, since a wounded dragon is still a threat. Scorching Ray level 2 : Scales extremely well, and can critical, so combo it with sleep or hold person. It also scales very well. Spiritial Weapon level 2 : Repeatable single target damage, but no concentration.

Slightly better for lore who has a little less bonus action competition. So you can lob a fireball and 2 arrows.

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Sometimes buffing allies is better then disabling enemies, though it depends on the party and enemy. Scales good with fighters, or extremely good with necromancers and summons. Pretty good for paladins and rangers. Not shabby on the rest.

Circle of Power level 5 : Your spell defensive buff. Though you have silence at lower levels.

Prayer of Healing level 2 : Potentially very high out of combat healing. Slightly less total then prayer of healing, but less likely to waste it with over-heals.

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Revivify level 3 : A cheaper version of raise dead. Deathward level 4 : Save a life, donate a spell slot today. Create Food and Water level 3 : For your desert campaigns. Consider cure wounds when you drop to 0 HP or lower. Wind Walk level 6 : Fast overland travel. Inspiring Leader: Slightly less HP then healer, but proactive makes it more valuable.

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Resilient Con : Your best spells are concentration spells. This helps keep them running and keeps you alive in general. Assuming an odd Con score. Blue for lore bards who still like concentration. Alert: Going first means you can disable enemies before they act, or get a AoE spell off before allies get in the mix. Healer: This is right up your ally as support.