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Connecting with individuals cross-functionally and within other locations and geographies should be expected and encouraged.

Engaging across, up and down should be a common standard that is supported with resources and tools to do so effectively. When we provide a venue for this kind of deep and rich relationship building, it creates a platform and norm-enabling social competence to be developed and mastered.

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Leaders role-model these behaviors to encourage and exhibit relationship building throughout the organization and externally within the community and industry. Great leaders are life-long learners always looking to further develop their knowledge, competencies and skills. In fact, there are a number of assessments that help determine our level of emotional intelligence, allowing us to identify elements of strength and areas for improvement, including the highly regarded Bar-On EQ-i self-assessment and tool.

Leadership is a journey and extraordinary leaders are always working on continuous learning for themselves and enabling others to learn, grow and realize their potential. They encourage and invest in their talent because they believe they are their greatest asset. According to the Center for Creative Leadership, the three most significant causes of career derailment for executives involve deficits in emotional competence: difficulty handling change, inability to work well in a team and poor interpersonal relations.

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According to Tony Simons of the Harvard Business Review , the more associates feel trust in their bosses an emotional response , the higher the profits. That increase in profitability meant a quarter-million-dollar profit increase per business unit per year.

Building EQ is not only a strong predictor of effective leadership, it can also contribute to greater productivity, performance and ultimately profitability. Invest in developing your staff and your leadership potential at all levels of the organization. Individuals do not have to be in leadership roles to be leaders.

How a Coach Works with Emotional Intelligence

Invest in your talent and unleash leadership skills in all. Rita Balian Allen is the president of Rita B.


Allen Associates , a national career management firm specializing in executive coaching, leadership development, management training and career development. To comment, email editor clomedia.

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  5. Your email address will not be published. Post Comment. Nadler , Psy. The Leadership Keys Field Guide , a 48 page Leaders guide to the using the Keys, helps you close the gap between the theory and practice of Emotional Intelligence. This is ideal for leaders, coaches, consultants, and trainers. It contains a powerful desk reference that explains the Keys for raising Emotional Intelligence for their leaders and teams.

    How a Coach Works with Emotional Intelligence

    The goal is to give a set of Keys to your direct reports or coaching clients. The Keys give hard hitting strategies and actions to develop Emotional Intelligence and Star Performance in your organization. CD includes audio explanation and actions to bring to your team for each Key. Purchase additional guides for your team.

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    Get additional CD sets for your team for listening to and from work. Get valuable reading instructions for the keys plus 5 sets of the Keys for a smaller, more budget conscious team. For those teams who prefer MP3 players to listen while exercising, resting or during other activities. True North Leadership, Inc. Relly Nadler Dr. Jeff Auerbach Dr.